Environmental Protection and Safety

Dealing with oil and gas can be a hazardous business: There are always risks to life and limb and the danger of polluting the air, soil and water, particularly the groundwater, one of Israel’s most critical natural resources. That’s why the Paz Group is committed to pursuing the highest standards of personal and environmental safety.

In accordance with our outlook on environmental responsibility, the company does not merely prevent hazards but contributes to improving Israel’s environment in the following ways:

  • Land rehabilitation and land surveys at filling stations built before 1997, in accordance with a work plan formulated with the Environmental Protection Ministry.
  • Installation of vapor recovery systems in gas pumps at filling stations located near residential and public buildings, in accordance with a work plan and schedules formulated with the Environmental Protection Ministry.
  • Substantial investments being made by the company to improve the environment at the Ashdod refinery, including the construction of a sulfur recovery unit, a facility to treat sewage by biological means, a power station that operates on natural gas and by adjusting the production facilities to manufacture distillates that meet Euro-5 standards.
  • For its exceptional investment in improving the environment, the Paz Group was awarded the Green Chemical Industry Prize for 2010 by the Israel Chemical Society.