Our Code of Ethics

As a leading company in its field, committed to social and environmental responsibility in all areas of its operations, the Paz Group has formulated a Code of Ethics.

This code sets standards of conduct that reflect the vision and values that are the foundations of the company, and which express our intent to operate in accordance with the law, morality and the highest standard of business ethics.

We devoted a great deal of thought to the wording of each and every one of the principles in the code, and we see upholding it as a necessary condition for our continuing success. The Code of Ethics sets down clear patterns of behavior and governs the daily activities of every employee of the Group.

The Code of Ethics includes principles relating to interpersonal behavior, to the employee’s attitude toward the company, toward the law, and to the moral standards acceptable in a modern, civilized society. We at Paz believe that drawing up this Code of Ethics and disseminating it among our employees and partners generates creativity, comradeship and excellence, as befits Israel’s leading energy company.


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