Concern Responsibility

The Paz Group believes that a business entity operating in the community is obligated to make some of its resources available to advance that community, protect its interests and improves its members' quality of life.

Paz, as Israel's largest and most influential energy company, subscribes to the approach that a company is also measured by the responsibility it demonstrates toward society. It sees itself as obligated to the public and works on its behalf in several parallel areas – protecting the environment, promoting healthy lifestyle and involvement in community welfare.

Paz has also formulated and is obligated to a Code of Ethics that sets standards of conduct that reflect the vision and values that are the foundations of the company.


Environmental Protection and Safety – Policy Guidelines

Dealing with oil and gas can be a hazardous business: There are always risks to life and limb and the danger of polluting the air, soil and water, particul...

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Our Code of Ethics

As a leading company in its field, committed to social and environmental responsibility in all areas of its operations, the Paz Group has formulated a ...

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