Industries and Services

The Industries and Services division operates a number of Paz subsidiaries that develop, manufacture and market fuel byproducts, with each company a leader in its field.
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    Pazgas is the leading Israeli marketer of condensed hydrocarbon gas for cooking and heating (LPG). Pazgas offers cost-effective green energy, attentive service, professional standards and the highest commitment to safety. Pazgas has long-standing expertise in managing large-scale conversions of traditional industrial production lines into gas-based systems.
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    Paz Lubricants and Chemicals

    Paz Lubricants and Chemicals produces , imports, and markets automotive lubricants and chemicals both for the local market and for export. It produces state-of-the-art fully synthetic lubricants for the passenger car motor oil sector as well as semi-synthetic and mineral lubricants.  The company is also a pioneer in the production and marketing of recycled lubricants. Paz Lubricants and Chemicals has an advanced laboratory on site and provides all its customers with extensive support and service. For over 50 years the company has been producing a wide range of products that all comply with the highest environmental and safety standards.
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    Pazkar develops, produces, markets and exports advanced sealing and insulation solutions, bitumen, coatings and adhesives for transportation infrastructure and construction. .Since 1934, Pazkar has been at the forefront of innovation in this industry; today its products are used in almost every house, building or infrastructure system in Israel and are successfully marketed around the world. Pazkar is the only company in the world to develop a water-based, polyurethane, non-toxic waterproofing product, for which it owns several patents.
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    Paz Aviation Services and Assets

    Paz Aviation Services and Assets supplies aviation fuel and fueling services to aviation companies throughout Israel and has exclusive storage capacity at Israel’s Ben-Gurion International Airport. The company strictly complies with the highest international safety and quality standards in the aviation field.