Retail and Wholesale

This division conducts Paz's retail, real estate and marketing operations, with efficiency and innovation its hallmark. The division includes three subdivisions operated by the company itself and by several subsidiaries.
The first subdivision, the Retail Subdivision, markets oil and fuel products at filling stations and food and convenience products at the Yellow market stores.
The second subdivision, the Wholesale Subdivision, focuses on the direct marketing of fuel to institutional customers, industry and other large enterprises, as well as on the marketing of fuel to car fleets through the Pazomat company, Israel's largest electronic refueling company.
The third subdivision, the Entrepreneurship and Assets Subdivision focuses on expanding the company's retail infrastructure by building filling stations, convenience stores, and other retail complexes. This subdivision also leases the stores and provides engineering, maintenance and logistic services for the retail complexes.
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    Roadside Retail

    Paz's filling station network is Israel's largest, numbering some 275 filling stations across the country. Of these, 50 are part of larger retail complexes ("Paz Centers"), and 235 have Yellow convenience stores on their premises.
    Filling station activity is one of the Paz Group's core businesses. At the company's modern gas stations, located on Israel main roads and highways, customers buy fuels, lubricants, food and drinks, leisure items and various accessories and services for drivers, such as wireless internet, ATMs, and more. 
    The company is continuing to expand and diversify its retail activities at the filling stations, increasing the range of products sold at the Yellow convenience stores with an eye to giving customers an exceptional shopping experience. Paz, as Israel's largest fuel company, dominates the roadside retail market with a strong, universally recognized brand, 24/7 availability everywhere, and advanced, efficient, computerized operating methods.   
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    Direct Marketing

    The Paz Group's Wholesale Subdivision markets directly to customers outside the filling stations, distributing and supplying fuels to private and commercial (industrial and institutional) customers. The company engages in these sales directly and through independent agents and distributors that have contracted with Paz.
    Direct marketing customers include institutions, government agencies, industrial plants, kibbutzim and moshavim, the Israel Defense Forces, airlines, the Palestinian Authority and others, as well as private customers who purchase diesel or other fuels for heating and other home use. Transport is both through Pazmovil and independent truckers.
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    Pazomat is Israel's largest and leading electronic refueling company.
    The company supplies advanced vehicle fleet management services, and its customers enjoy the convenience of refueling at the Paz filling stations strategically located on all of the country's major roads and highways. Pazomat customers enjoy a comprehensive solution that starts with the installation of the refueling devices and continues with superior customer service and credit management.
    Pazomat's quality management system meets the internationally recognized ISO 9001 standard for the marketing, management and operation of a computerized refueling system.
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    Operations and Assets

    Paz's Operations and Assets branch is responsible for developing, building, managing and operating the Group's physical infrastructure, establishing the real estate platform for the retail operations. The subdivision has several departments that oversee the Paz Group's real estate assets through their entire life cycle:
    The Entrepreneurial and Real Estate Development Unit initiates and oversees the construction of the filling stations and commercial complexes and develops and improves the Group's assets. The unit locates and purchases/leases lands to serve as a basis for the Group's operations. The Engineering Department is responsible for planning, building, upgrading and preserving the filling stations, the Paz Center complexes and the Yellow convenience stores. The Registration Department chaperones the projects through the legal and regulatory processes. The Business Department finds and retains tenants and handles the assessments and maintenance of the assets. The Operations Department is the technical-performance arm for ongoing maintenance.