• Retail and Wholesale overlay

    Retail and Wholesale

    This division conducts Paz's retail, real estate and marketing operations, with efficiency and innovation its hallmark. The division includes three subdivisions operated by the company itself and by several subsidiaries.
    The first subdivision, the retail subdivision, markets oil and fuel products at filling stations and food and convenience products at the Yellow market stores
  • Industries and Services overlay

    Industries and Services

    The Industries and Services Division operates a number of Paz subsidiaries that develop, manufacture and market fuel byproducts, with each company a leader in its field. This division focuses on expanding the various units' marketing, exporting and recycling efforts, along with developing new products and developing the synergy between the various units.
  • Refining  overlay


    Paz Ashdod Oil Refinery is the Paz Group’s Refining Division, which manufactures petroleum products and electricity, both for its own use and to sell to customers. This division manages the supply chain, importing crude oil and feed materials, exporting products and more...