Vision and Values


  • Paz has been and will continue to be Israel’s largest and most diverse energy group. 
  •  Paz will be the market leader in all its core businesses, while maintaining excellence in its retail, wholesale and manufacturing activities.
  •  Paz will excel in providing services and products to its customers with an eye to optimally meeting their needs.
  •  Paz will uphold its Code of Ethics, together with its employees, customers and business partners.
  • Paz will make prudent investments to develop infrastructures that will advance long-term growth, alternative energy solutions, and complementary activities.
  • Paz will be a source of pride to its employees and shareholders!



Paz champions four values that are the foundation stones for the entire group. These values express our worldview and beliefs, and all the messages we convey within the Group and to our customers, business partners and the media are derived from them.


Our company values are:


We are committed to preserving the spark that fuels effective performance, creativity and innovation for our customers’ benefit. As a leading energy company our role is to champion progress and be one of its pioneers.
We are not afraid of change; we constantly seek ways to improve and streamline our operations, and we are committed to remaining at the forefront of our industry in the future.

Care and Concern

We are always attentive to the needs and desires of our customers.
We are committed to respecting their valuable time by operating quickly and efficiently, so that they can do all of the things that are truly important to them.



We aim to be in every place at any hour for our customers, providing them with our diverse services and products around the clock.



Cleanliness, one of our top priorities, finds expression in concern for the environment, in cooperation with the Environmental Protection Ministry. On a daily basis, it is expressed by maintaining clean and pleasant offices and facilities, in the civil language and behavior of our employees, and in being meticulously honest and fair.